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Ensure your Children's Well-being with Child Support Attorney Orange County

Based on the principle of duty of every parent to support their minor children, child support laws in California are vast and aim to maintain the standard of living of minors after a divorce or separation. As the best child support attorney Orange County, we are fully focused on the best interests of your children.

Child support in California is calculated by a statewide formula that ascertains the amount to be paid. Though primary considerations include income of both parents and custodian time, the family court judge has wide discretionary powers to consider additional factors. Things like housing, food, medical care, education, transport, and other costs will be added to the support amount.

As the leading child support attorneys in Orange County, we can help you ascertain the precise amount of support and whether you'll be the recipient or payor of the support amount. We will ensure that your child gets adequate support to maintain his/her pre-divorce living standard. Alternatively, we also understand that your financial condition can be tough after a divorce. If you're asked to pay support, our attorneys will ascertain you're asked to pay a just amount without undue financial hardships.

Contact Experienced Child Support Attorneys in OC 

Don't leave anything to chance when the question is of your child's future. Our child support attorney Orange County will ensure your children receive the right financial assistance that helps them follow their dreams.

Call 714-733-7066 or send an email to request a meeting with our child support attorney in Orange County over a free consultation.


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