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Check out my new song Beijing!

Hey guys,

Thank you so much for checking out my blog!

This is actually the first post I write here, lol

First, I wanted to share my new song Beijing.

This song was written in 2019 by Darren Martyn, just before the pandemic started. Unfortunately, the pandemic stopped my project and caused quite a lot of problems for me, both professionally and personally.

A lot of things happened, I moved to Switzerland, and I started recording at this amazing music studio, Mu.Sick Studios in Bern.

My first song with them, La Ermitaña, really surprised me. I must confess I was going through an artistic block, focusing mostly on poems that never really developed into much, and then I had the chance to collab with Eduardo Galera at the studio, and I was quite surprised with how the song turned out.

The plan was to record 3 songs for an EP (I'm still at it), so I decided to re-imagine the Beijing song (originally called Lost in Beijing), with new lyrics, vocals and instruments from the talented Edu. Now, the song has a more personal feel to it, and it talks about how I had to leave Beijing. That situation still causes me pain, but I've learned to accept everything that happened, as one thing always leads to another, and now I'm in a cool place, Switzerland, which has been connected to my soul for a long time now.

I will be making a third song to finalize this project soon, but I must say one of my goals for 2024 is to strengthen my skills as an independent musician, and to release more music. I hope people do listen to my songs and feel inspired to create more art themselves. I used to think you needed a big name behind you to become someone as a kid, but now I honestly feel more empowered to be in charge of my creative endeavours and release things as an independent artist.

I will try to write here more often, especially about my experiences as a musician, but please check my out on Instagram @thaiscristineart, as I post most updates there!

Thank you so much for giving my music a chance! Much love!


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